Lirik Lagu Let It Rain

a fisher of men remembers…
and I have watched in wonder
as with a word You calmed a raging sea
I have seen You make the wine from water
mud and water made a blind man see
water still reminds me
of the seaside where our eyes first met
Choruslet it rain
Lord we’re waiting for Your rain to fall
let it rain
bringing back the wonder of it all
and I can see Your face again
when You let it rain

and I’ve been bathed in mercy
by every gesture, every word You’ve said
once I spoke of power and high position
you toke a towel and washed my feed instead
water, like a promise
heaven opens, but I’m not there yet


I’ve been foolish
thought I know it all
three times I denied Your name
Your forgiveness, like a waterfall
washes away my shame

a new dawn is breaking
another our, and the I leave this place
I am ready, Lord, to give my life up
I’m so ready, Lord, to see Your face
water, like a promise
and in this final hour, I think my final prayer shall be
would You let it rain?
let Your Spirit fall afresh on me

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